He is one of the most successful Superbike riders of all time. Fogarty is known for his high-speed cornering style combined with strong competitiveness, which has earned him 59 wins and four World Superbike Championships.

Memorable dates:

  • 1994 – he won with the Ducati 916, a revolutionary and incredibly fascinating bike, thanks in part to the exhausts positioned under the tail. 
  • 1995 – he won with the Ducati 916
  • 1998 – he won with Ducati 996
  • 1999 – he won with the Ducati 996. The combination Fogarty-Ducati continues to be winning in fact in 1999 arrives the third title for the Englishman and the tenth for TERMIGNONI.

He raced with Ducati from 1992 to 2000 and was the most victorious rider in the history of SBK between Termignoni and Ducati.