In 1969 Luigi Termignoni opened his first workshop and dealership for Ducati, Kawasaki and Honda. Immediately driven by his insatiable passion for motorbikes and speed, he became an acknowledged preparer of racing engines, building special parts for 4-stroke motorbikes for 20 years, working with suppliers from all over Italy.
In 1971, as a true pioneer, he bought the first test bench on which he tested and developed all his creations and intuitions. In the mid-70s Luigi Termignoni realized that there was a shortage of dedicated exhaust systems on the market and began to create the first exhausts, especially on Kawasaki 4-cylinder front-end. The first pieces are totally handcrafted, from bending to welding to colouring and without any silencer.
In 1976 he began his partnership with Bimota for which he became responsible for engine mechanics, and with which he developed various systems. At the end of the ’70s Termignoni creates the first aluminium silencers combining lightness and strength and thanks to which, the Paris Dakar riders improve their performance considerably.


During the ’80s the company began to expand further and started the development and production of the first exhaust system with Ducati, with which it built a synergy that lasts today. At the same time was born the partnership with Honda, in particular in the 24h of Le Mans, where the Termignoni company comes to manage 80% of the exhaust dedicated to racing cars.

In 1988 Termignoni had its first successes with Fred Merkel winning the World Superbike Championship with his Honda RC30. Since then Termignoni has won 16 Superbike World Championships, 10 MotoGP World Championships, 2 Paris Dakar and a Rally Raid World Championship. In the early 90’s Luigi Termignoni, with a great intuition, proposes the first Titanium exhaust systems.

Since 2002 he has had numerous and fruitful collaborations in MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, SBK, SS, SSTK, MX, Enduro, Trial and Rally Raid with Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, MV Agusta, Montesa, Ossa and Beta.