The birth of each individual project takes place in the prototype department. After internal consultations with technicians and department heads, the exhaust system begins to come to life. After the creation of the prototype, various tests are carried out (e.g. noise, pollution, performance, material resistance), after which manufacture is started in order to market the product
The first step in the production process takes place in the “tube cutting area“, where the tube bars are processed by machines that cut the elements that will make up the various models of exhaust systems. Then, these elements will be processed in the “tube bending department“, where a tube of a given diameter and thickness is given a specific radius or angle.
The stamping department carries out the activity of cold stamping of metal materials using presses. The department also uses pneumatic shears and manual calenders to process the various pieces of sheet metal that will make up the unloading system. The semi-finished pieces are then sent to the subsequent operations, consisting of the assembly and welding procedures, which are of the TIG or MIG type.
The construction of the exhaust systems finally continues in the area called assembly, where the single exhaust system is finally assembled in every detail, finished, checked for quality, packaged and sent to the warehouse ready for shipment.

SINCE 1969


All TERMIGNONI exhaust systems are manufactured in-house, from the technical design to shipping, using the best materials such as Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Carbon, Titanium and Inconel.