UpMap: Next Level For Passion

UpMap: Next Level For Passion

A new system to get into your bike’s heart

UpMap is a project born from the need to improve the performance of the vehicle, in a scenario where the continuous development of electronics makes it increasingly difficult to achieve this goal with the exclusive use of exhaust systems.

Termignoni’s effort in creating this innovative product, which comes out from the traditional core business of the company, has been really remarkable and has involved the creation of a new dedicated department, the involvement of 18 people, the commitment in 15 months of research, 5 of which for development, 3000 km of track tests and the involvement of 1000 square meters of the company in the realization.

The objective was to design a system that would allow to modify the parameters of the engine, in a user friendly perspective, of the engine control unit, in order to provide the user the possibility to perform the operation in complete autonomy and safety.


UpMap connects to the motorcycle’s diagnostic cable and allows you, through the application, to access from your smartphone in real time, a universe of mappings developed and tested by our experts. UpMap allows you to reprogram the ECU in total autonomy and safety from your garage, without having to contact an expert or waste time testing the bike on a test bench. Simple, intuitive and fast, the UpMap system has been totally designed for iOS and Android systems.

UpMap is not limited to mappings, but represents a whole universe dedicated to the motorcyclist. In fact, it offers other services, such as the “digital dashboard”, an on-board computer that indicates the state of health of the vehicle, any defects found during the ride and monitors consumption. The “Social” function allows the user to share journeys and performances, as well as report points of interest or possible dangers.