ROBERTO ALOI new Commercial Director Italy

ROBERTO ALOI new Commercial Director Italy

Roberto Aloi joins Termignoni as the new Sales Director for Italy. An outstanding sales professional, Aloi began his career with Suzuki. In 2001 he joined Andreani Group where, for 17 years, he managed the Group’s brands for the general market. He approached the world of motorcycle exhaust systems in 2009, the year in which Andreani signed a partnership with our company for the distribution of Termignoni exhaust systems.

I have been following the commercial and technical development of Termignoni products since 2009,” says Roberto Aloi. “Working side by side with the company during these years has been a bit like growing up together, so I find it natural to want to continue to follow its development in a more direct way. We have achieved important numbers thanks to a mutual sense of trust, the same that has led our collaboration beyond traditional working relationships. Our friendship with the Burnengo family is now well-established, so working together is a choice that comes from the heart. Now I’m getting ready to devote body and soul to the company and the brand, but I want to thank the Andreani family for allowing me to grow over the years. The decision to leave the Group was anything but simple, but it was even more difficult to detach myself from Giuseppe Andreani, for whom I have infinite esteem and gratitude”.

The comment of Michele Burnengo, CEO of Termignoni S.p.A.: “Our company is growing. Ideas, technology and therefore our brands are growing. We are moving towards even higher levels of quality. This implies a synergistic effort by everyone in the company, but it also means investing in the right people. It is in this perspective that the choice to collaborate with Roberto Aloi falls. After Ernesto Marinelli,new Product Director and Technical Director with more than twenty years of experience in Ducati, here is another personality of excellence that joins the great Termignoni family. Our project is to use the best experts in the industry to guide the future development of the brand: the union of two professionals of the caliber of Aloi and Marinelli will be strategic for the birth of new projects, new ideas, new products. I would like to give a special thanks to the Andreani family: if today we can count on one of the best salesmen in the sector, it is also thanks to the long collaboration with the Group and the awareness that has allowed us to mature over the years”.

We are sure that this new collaboration will pave the way for many new successful projects. We are therefore happy to welcome the new Sales Director Italy: there could not be a better way to kick off the new year!