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Each model is designed in the prototypes department. Following internal consultancies between the heads of the department and the technicians, the exhaust system begins to be created. After the creation of the first prototypes, several tests are carried on, like noise, pollution, performance, strength of materials. Afterwards the production can start, bringing the new product onto the market. 

The first production step happens in the area called cutting pipes, where each tube bar is processed by machines whom cut the different elements that will compone the exhaust system. In the second step these elements are refined in the area called bending, where the tube is elaborated in order to rich a precise radius or angle.

The molding department is dedicated to the production of metallic materials cold pressed. In this division, pneumatic shears and manuals calendars are employed to shape the different parts of metal sheet, whom will create the exhaust system. After that, the journey of the semi-finished pieces reach the next phases, assembly and welding, corresponding to the TIG or MIG type.

The creation of the exhaust systems continues within the assembly area, where the final product is assembled and refined with every detail, checked the quality, packaged and sent to the warehouse ready to be shipped.

SINCE 1969
ATTENTION AND CARE TO DETAILSAll the Termignoni’s exhaust systems are produced in his headquarters, from the design to the shipping, using the best selection of materials as Stainless steel, Aluminum, Carbon, Titanium and Iconel.