Fogarty strikes back

1999 Carl Fogarty - Ducati 996 - Superbike The Fogarty-Ducati combination is still winning. In the 1999 comes the third…

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The King gets back his crown

1998 Carl Fogarty - Ducati 996 - Superbike After a two years 'abstinence' Carl Fogarty wins again the title with…

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Fabrizio Pirovano’s world title

1998 Fabrizio Pirovano - Suzuki GSX-R600 - Supersport The Italian Fabrizio 'Piro' Pirovano ran in Superbike from 1988 to 1995…

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The ‘Crocodile’ eats everybody

1996 Troy Corser - Ducati 916 - Superbike In 1996 Fogarty chose the official Honda RC45 to win the title,…

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Fogarty second Superbike title

1995 Carl Fogarty - Ducati 916 - Superbike The Ducati 916 is still winning also in 1995 and Carl Fogarty…

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With the Ducati 916 ‘King’ Carl Fogarty begin to reign...

1994 Carl Fogarty - Ducati 916 - Superbike The Ducati 916 is a revolutionary bike and incredibly fascinating, thanks also…

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And also this american does the double

1992 Doug Polen - Ducati 888 - Superbike As Fred Merkel, also Doug Polen win the title riding the same…

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Ducati start to grow the displacement

1991 Doug Polen - Ducati 888 - Superbike After Fred Merkel, Doug Polen takes back the Superbike title to the…

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The start of the Ducati era

1990 Raymond Roche - Ducati 851 - Superbike Arriving in 1990 the first of the thirteen world championships conquered with…

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Again Merkel, again Honda, again TERMIGNONI

1989 Fred Merkel - Honda RC30 - Superbike The second year of the Superbike World Championship it's the copy of…

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